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  • Woodman’s Pal Long Reach Tool

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    Made In USA

  • The Classic is the most popular model, and has been an American icon since 1941.

    Gripped as either an axe or a machete, this tool can clear trails and brush, and perform the tasks of many tools such as machetes, axes, hatchets, trimming saws, pruning scissors, knives, bow saws, and sometimes even chain saws. Easily trim bushes and small trees, prune, clear or blaze trails, clear brush from lines, remove unwanted growth, clear shooting lanes, and build shelters or duck blinds.

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  • In 1941 this tool was issued by the U.S. Military as the LC-14-B, consisting of the complete unit including the tool, a military spec olive green canvas sheath, two-grit round honing stone, and reprinted use and survival manuals. This set was standard issued from the beginning part of World War II through Desert Storm. G.I.’s and the U.S. Army Signal Corp relied depended on the Woodman’s Pal for land clearing operations. During the Vietnam War, the Woodman’s Pal was designated as the “Survival Tool, Type IV” and was issued in air crew survival kits.

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  •  The Military Premium, AKA since 1941 by its U.S. Military designation, the LC-14-B, is top of the line.

    Quality, durable, multi-purpose utility tool.

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  • Made In USA'er™ Decals

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